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Humble Bloom is here to disrupt, collaborate and connect. We offer content generation, innovative events, brand strategy and a community of revolutionaries and visionaries that are moving this industry forward.


Our mission is to humanize experiences with cannabis. We believe we can shatter stereotypes and poor business practices if the industry had more access to strategic branding, education, advocacy and inclusive community experiences. 

Our vision is through a green lens, one that is focused is on inclusionary growth through collaboration with conscious partnerships. Together we are cultivating a community of changemakers who influence cannabis culture in ways that really matter.

We celebrate cannabis as a green ally for wellness and the power it has to heal our bodies, our minds our spirits, the earth and communities.


Press & Media


15 Women to Watch in the CBD Industry

From doctors and scientists to venture capitalists and marketing pros, these are the women shaping the world of CBD.
Even with dwindling leadership positions and a lack of representation for communities of color, there are women in the space educating, writing, advocating, trailblazing, and making products that are setting the standard for what the industry should look like. Here, 15 women in CBD who are creating a tide that raises all ships.
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Two women are out to disrupt, collaborate and connect to make sure the cannabis industry moves forward.
At the end of 2018, a group of 30 people boarded a van in New York City and traveled upstate to a hemp farm for the weekend. While they varied in gender, age, race, sexual identity and socioeconomic background, what connected them was a love and respect for cannabis as well as curiosity for the plant.
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Co-Founder of Humble Bloom talks humanizing experiences with cannabis, going beyond social justice awareness, and creating inclusive brands and businesses from the start
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Humble Bloom Blossoms in the New York Cannabis Business

Humble Bloom is a Brooklyn-based boutique firm that is focused on humanizing experiences with cannabis.
Co-founders Danniel Swatosh and Solonje Burnett-Loucas tell us how they are organizing field trips to harvest CBD cannabis plants. The activists also discuss marijuana legalization in New York, and how they are empowering women in the business.

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Proven to Prevail

Five cannabis entrepreneurs to watch in 2019
As states continue to abolish cannabis prohibition, it’s no wonder that business people from every other industry are eager to get in on the “Green Rush.” CULTURE found five promising up-and-coming entrepreneurs who are ready to revolutionize the industry.
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Girls Are Awesome
Weed and Wellness: Wisdom from Humble Bloom Co-founders

Get woke about US drug policy, farm culture, being a responsible consumer and all things cannabis.
Solonje Burnett-Loucas and Danniel Swatosh founded Humble Bloom out of a desire to see a constructive community around the use of cannabis.
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Miss Grass
How Cannabis Beauty Could End Prohibition

Is our society's obsession with self-care and achieving optimal wellness the key to making cannabis accessible to the masses?
One of the strangest things about our society is how things wax and wane in popularity—and how a tipping point can shift everything. Acceptability politics have always been a tool of the larger network of social function that women barely have access to.
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Our vision is rooted in inclusivity, one that promotes growth and vitality. 

We're constantly exploring new paths to grow our community of partners. We take a multifaceted holistic approach. So whether you're a brand, thought leader, chef, artist, musician, health and wellness expert or social justice activist  -- we want to hear what you're up to!

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