Nourishing New Growth

Brand Strategy: Shaping your brand from seed to blossom to help further differentiate what your brand means in an ever-evolving market and deepening your connection to your consumers.

Content Curation: Programing that strives to connect more authentically and personally nurture in the areas of  healing, Self-Care as well as justice for those who have been criminalized.

Networking: Conferences, fireside chats, panel discussions, workshops and retreats—presented by the thought leaders shaping the cannabis industry—designed to foster more genuine connections and open channels of communication.

Pairings + Partnerships: Conscious partnerships at the intersection of  people, culture and strategy that evolve brands, their teams and their consumers.

Multi-Sensory Experiences: Comprehensive mind, body and spirit experiences that incorporates art, mindfulness, movement, music, taste, touch and sound.

The HB Essence:
Curiosity | Experiential | Feminine | Multifaceted | Multisensory | Nourishing | Vibrant

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