In Conversation with Tai Beauchamp
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A Co-founder of Brown Girl Jane, a luxury wellness CBD collection centering women of color, Tai Beauchamp is a true multi-hyphenate committed to the elevation of women. As Chief Brand Officer of Brown Girl Jane, Tai alongside her co-founders are on a mission to revolutionize the wellness industry. The less than a year old brand has received press and applause from editors, influencers and women across the country alike. To further expand the brand's footprint, Brown Girl Jane launched the #browngirlswap that is creating space and resources to holistically support and fund black women beauty and wellness founders.

An award-winning producer, journalist and content creator, Tai Beauchamp innately connects to and empowers women and has done so for 20 years. An enthusiastic entrepreneur Tai also founded Tai Life Media LLC, a media and creative consulting company, where she partners with global brands across multi-channel platforms to develop lifestyle and wellness content.

A former beauty and fashion magazine editor of O, The Oprah Magazine, Seventeen, and InStyle, Tai is also an established TV host who has hosted her own shows on TLC and GSN. Last summer, Tai hosted and produced Lens of Culture, a travel show created for millennials of color on CleoTV. A first of its kind, Lens of Culture highlighted destinations throughout the Diaspora. She is also a regular contributor to network and cable TV including ABC, NBC, E!, BET, TVOne, among others. A proud native of New Jersey, Tai earned her Bachelors of Arts degree from Spelman College. Tai lives in Los Angeles, California.

What are you working on?
Building Brown Girl Jane! By the time this runs, we will have developed and delivered a most impactful multi-pronged partnership with Shea Moisture and Unilever, leveraging and expanding our #BrownGirlSwap efforts which we launched on June 2, 2020 as an answer to support the diversification of beauty and wellness industries. We're in the middle of producing the #browngirlswap Black Beauty and Wellness Summit which will take place on September 17 and 18th and feature some of the most knowledgable and impactful black women in the beauty and wellness space. We are also working on another partnership that we will announce soon. And we are developing our next collection additions. It's busy...to say the least.

Outside of Brown Girl Jane, I also continue to host, produce, and consult. I've been an entrepreneur for 14 years. I really do enjoy it...especially now that I have true business partners in my co-founders Malaika Jones and Nia Jones. I feel full professionally and fortunately I feel full spiritually and personally. While this year has presented challenges for us all, I'm deeply grateful.

Tell me about your journey to now. What impactful moments led you to your work?
Truth be told, I am an accidental entrepreneur. I left my role at Seventeen magazine at 26 years old due to burn out after being named the first Black and youngest Beauty Director in history when I was 25. It was an amazing but exhausting experience. As a result of the burnout, I was intentional about wanting to do something meaningful and socially impactful. I went on to work with my mentor’s family foundation where I immersed myself in youth development and global health. While I was consulting with the foundation, I was asked to become the Editor of Vibe Vixen Magazine. Because I was consulting, I was able to negotiate with the foundation and magazine to split my time between the two places. So I worked for the foundation 2 days a week and the magazine 3. This was ultimately the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur. I began my consulting company that same year. This work lead me to working with brands like P&G which ultimately lead to my television career which led to me having television shows. But, little known, I was always behind the scenes producing and developing brand strategy for those brands.

The most impactful moments:
- Pivoting at 26 after burnout.
- Hiring a team to support me.
- Getting super clear about my purpose and saying "no" to things that didn't and don't align.
- Joining Brown Girl Jane! This is just the beginning.

Who and/or what motivates your passion each day?
I'm more motivated by purpose than passion. I have a lot of passions. I'm passionate about creative writing...but I am not able to write creatively everyday. Actually, I don't think I write creatively once a month. I wish I did. I will say I am passionate about working out and my health and wholeness. And what motivates me there? Self-love and my desire to live a long and full life in order to fulfill my purpose. It all comes back to purpose.

How do you define Radical Self Care?
To me, "radical self care' is intentional self love. It's about honoring who you are, who you are called to be, and being dogmatic about nurturing at least some part of that every single day, especially when it's inconvenient. Self care in short is Powerful love!

What rituals do you have to help maintain homeostasis of mind, body, and spirit?
Ha! My Brown Girl Jane Balance and Rest Tinctures. And our Heal body butter. And wait, my Yoni and my Glow serum. I'm not kidding. I'm a fan of our line. That was actually what made me want to join the company. I felt the difference and I wanted all women, especially women of color, who I've always been so passionate about to feel the power of the plant. In terms of other rituals, as a believer, my spirituality is my nucleus. I pray and study daily. I meditate and connect with myself, others and Earth. As for my body, I will admit that I am a fitness fanatic. Honestly, I would train all day if I could. It brings me that much joy. Actually I would train half of the day, read and write for another quarter of the day, and get a massage the remainder. How about the that for homeostasis wishful thinking.

How do you incorporate plants into your well being routine? How is the cannabis (THC, CBD, CBN, etc) a part of your plant ritual?
I use CBD daily. Topically and sublingually. I apply our Brown Girl Jane Luminous Facial Serum to my face two times a day. As a former beauty editor, I love, love, beauty and wellness! And I drop at least 5 droppers of our Balance and Rest daily. CBD really changed my life and my focus.

I only enjoy THC recreationally and on occasion...as I live in California. It's not a ritual for me. For now, CBD is what I need to be focused and get amazing sleep. I'm all the way focused on building Brown Girl Jane.

Who would you like to experience an altered state (dream elevation + discussion) with and how would you achieve this flow state?
I can't disclose all of that as I choose to keep some things super close to my heart. But let me say this...I have my person. We have a very deep and powerful spiritual connection. He is 1000% sober so our dream elevation will be one that is sourced and fueled spiritually. I'm looking forward to that.

Love the phrase "slow down to speed up", what does that mean to you personally and within the present global pause?
Slow down to speed up is all about getting clear and being fueled to move and impact with intention.

What is the gift you bring community?
This is simple. Love and light. I'm a positive person. I'm not just saying that. I think and behave positively about 94% of the time. I think most people feel genuine love from me. And if they don't...they must be unlovable. Just kidding! Actually, I'm loving. I'm compassionate and consistent. I care deeply about humanity. I pray that is what people experience.

What has been the most challenging for you during this time?
Not being able to connect as often with people that I love. I miss my family and tribe at home on the East Coat. I miss my godchildren. I miss hugs! Oh my goodness, I miss hugs. I've learned how to position my 8 pillows when I sleep to feel like I'm being hugged. And oh, I miss seeing people's smiles. As for challenging, the most challenging thing has been not being about to see and touch those I love the most.

What made you become an advocate in the space and for the plant?
The efficacy and power of the plant and how it has helped me feel more centered. I want everyone to feel full and centered. And I know that black and brown women are often the least centered as the demands on our lives as well as the stigma that the plant has in our community makes me want to help shift perception.