Root to Ritual



CBD + DAMIANA- SKYBOUND was designed to support full body elevation and clarity. It provides stable, clean energy that infuses your day with passionate & blissful moments.

Our Full-spectrum distillate has just as much love and care in it as the whole plant extract, but the distillation process takes out the fats and fibers of the plants, which contributes to the lighter color and less intense cannabis taste.

Damiana- Has been historically and widely used by indigenous groups - Mayans and Aztecs in Mexico, Central & South America as an energy tonic, mood enhancer and aphrodisiac for centuries. It is also known to help balance ones central nervous system and hormone levels. It aids in digestion promoting gut health for sustainable well being and clarity.

Flavor Profile- Light, Herbal, Bright

Ingredients: 750mg Full Spectrum CBD, Organic Damiana, Organic MCT Oil