Hemp Infused Cold-Pressed EVOO


Potli's extra virgin olive oil is made from the highest quality cold-pressed, single origin olives harvested from a family owned and operated orchard in Northern California. It's clean, peppery, and slightly floral notes make it the perfect estate-grade finishing oil that will elevate any meal. Potli Olive is a a heart and brain-healthy source of fat in beautiful 250ml tins that strike the balance between nostalgia and modernity.

Potli CBD is made with broad spectrum, sun-grown hemp, and takes advantage of the high bio-availability of olive oil to seamlessly and efficiently integrate into your daily wellness routine.

Try Potli's Hemp Olive drizzled over hummus, greek yogurt, tartines, strawberry ice-cream or use it as a healthy ingredient in any of your culinary creations to add a little lift to your day. All ingredients in this jar are bottled in Northern California. 

8.5 fl oz (250 mL)

DOSING: 250 mL = 250 mg hemp derived CBD

15 mg per tablespoon, 16 servings per container