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It’s imperative that we come together as a united voice and impact how Cannabis is regulated in New York. The time is NOW to fight for economic equity, equal access, integrity and preservation of the plant as we build the foundation of the industry here in our state.

Learning from the missteps of those who’ve legalized before us — Together we can craft NY cannabis culture so humanity is baked into the core. We have a chance to do better. Let’s repair and reverse the fear and propaganda based unjust incarcerations to rebuild traumatized communities. Let’s help our government leaders understand we can lead the charge in innovative farming practices to quell environmental damage. Let’s make New York cannabis for New Yorkers, instead of selling out to outside corporate interest which takes money away from improving our state for all and puts it into the pockets of a few.

Now that you’re motivated, here’s what to do.

  1. Download the letter.

  2. Personalize it with the name of your Assemblyperson and/or Senator, fill in your contact info, e-sign or print and sign.

  3. For hardcopy, be sure to include your name and address on the envelope.

  4. Not sure who to send your letter to? Enter your address to locate your legislators using the buttons below.

  5. Download and share our action tile or direct link (humblebloom.co/take-action) on social media to activate your friends, family, and anyone who believes no plant should be illegal.

Together we can make the cannabis industry unlike any before it.